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Understanding Canada – U.S. taxes

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According to CBC News, Canada and the United States share the world’s longest border for approximately 8,900 kilometers.  There were about 39 million trips by Canadians to the U.S. in 2009 and 20 million ones by Americans to Canada in 2010.

Not only sharing the longest border, Canada and the United States also share history, coasts, atmosphere, wildlife and values with each other.  We are connected in many ways.  Therefore it is common for a Canadian moving into the United States and vice versa.

When you travel up north or down south:

  • How do you navigate the two tax systems similar in appearance yet different in many ways?
  • How do you transact your personal affairs to achieve the optimal tax benefits in both countries?
  • How can you take advantage of the Canada – U.S. Income Tax Convention (the “Treaty”)?

Adanac Cross Border Tax is here to provide you with an on-going support in tax consultation and tax preparation to make sure that you get the best results in both countries.

Adanac’s expertise

Adanac is experienced in helping individuals in Canada – U.S. cross border tax context.  It provides services to the following clients:

  • Business owners
  • Entertainment and media professionals
  • Highly educated professionals
  • Investment traders
  • Professional athletes
  • Real estate investors
  • Self-employed business persons

Common mistakes

A couple common mistakes how cross border Canada – U.S. tax is viewed:

Mistake One – Cross border tax is part of the domestic tax system.

Reason – Cross border tax issues are specifically covered within the international tax regime which are independent to the domestic tax law.

Mistake Two – to assume the Canada and U.S. tax systems are the same.

Reason – there are many day-to-day tax treatments that are different between the two jurisdictions, not to mention unique differences in high level tax planning, for example:

  • gift and estate tax
  • choices of filing status
  • tax credit calculation
  • sale of prime home
  • treatment of tax advantage accounts

Adanac will assist you in understanding and navigating the cross border Canada – U.S. tax environment and turn the differences into your advantages.

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