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Understanding Canada – US tax

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How can we help you?

Crossing the Canada – US border?  There is much more to consider after the border guard lets you through their door.

You may be subject to tax filing requirements that surprise you.

As a cross border tax consultant focusing on Canada – US taxes, we suggest you see us to determine to what extend that you are subject to income taxes in that country.

Adanac Cross Border Tax is here to help you with all your cross border tax questions.  Our specialty is Canada – US cross border tax.  We are proud of offering the following services:

  • Innovative tax strategies tailored to specific facts and circumstances to optimize your tax benefits and preserve your business and family wealth.
  • Reliable tax preparation in both Canada and the United States to provide you with peace of mind from the tax authorities.

Who are we?

We are a Vancouver-based boutique accounting firm specialized in Canada – US cross border tax.  Our practice is licensed by the Chartered Professional Accountants in BC.

We have been working in cross border tax field for over 12 years with a CPA licensed in both Canada and the United States.  We also have an in-house Enrolled Agent, the highest credential directly awarded by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

At Adanac, we strive to provide premium Canada – US cross border tax services to local businesses and individuals. 

We maintain high professional standards throughout our work.  We invest heavily on professional development to keep up with the most recent Canada – US tax laws.

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